Direct Access

North County Water and Sports Therapy Center is a direct access clinic

What does this mean?

Direct access means that the consumer can seek safe, quality physical therapy services without the delay of first having to go to their physician for a referral. Under direct access in California, the consumer is allowed 12 visits to a physical therapist to be completed within a 45 day period, after which they need to see a physician, should additional treatment be needed. Depending on the severity of or the circumstances surrounding your injury, after the initial evaluation your physical therapist may refer you to see your doctor for additional testing.

What does direct access mean for you?

When you have an injury, you can call your physical therapist directly to set up an evaluation. This will save you time and money as you will no longer have to see your physician first to obtain a diagnosis. This will also allow you to receive more immediate treatment so that you can more quickly resume your normal daily and work related activities.

At this time, only certain insurance plans reimburse for direct access, but this list of insurance plans is continuing to grow. Contact our office to see if your medical plan allows for direct access to physical therapy.