Pilates Performance Program

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is an effective and comprehensive training program that consists of mat and equipment based exercises. The Pilates exercise focuses on improving core strength, toning and elongating muscles, leading to increased balance and coordination. Not only is it a great way to safely improve strength and flexibility to avoid overuse injuries it is an ideal method of cross training to improve your athletic performance. Your private session will consist of 50-55 minutes of individualized exercises designed to meet your goals.

Benefits of incorporating the Pilates Performance Program:

  • Safe and effective exercises.
  • Individuals of all levels can achieve success.
  • Increased tone of arms, back, abdominals and legs.
  • Improved postural alignment.
  • Increased abdominal activation and lower back strength.
  • Increased muscle balance and coordination.
  • Improved dynamic flexibility.
  • Move with greater ease.
  • Programs individually developed for enhanced performance in a specific sport.

Meet the Pilates Instructor:

Beth Scalone, PT, DPT, OCS
Beth is an experience physical therapist with several advanced certifications and degrees, including a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Boston University. As a Certified Orthopedic Specialist Beth works with therapy patients to reach their highest level of function. As a Certified STOTT™Pilates instructor Beth applies her extensive knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology in developing programs for her patients and Pilates training clients.


  • 1 session: $90
  • 5 sessions: $425
  • 10 sessions: $800

For more information please contact Beth at (858) 675-1133

  • Pilates San Diego CA
  • Pilates San Diego CA
Praise for the Pilates Method

“Beth’s brand of Pilates has impacted the way I stand, sit, walk, exercise, and even sleep! With a new awareness of my core strength I’ve been able to increase my flexibility and expand my strength training. I even breathe differently and more effectively. When my husband saw the progress I was making he became envious of my new-found energy and excitement over exercising. This is probably the most convincing testimony I can provide–that my husband was so impressed he is now taking a Pilates class twice a week!

Susan Fowler and Drea Zigarmi

“I have been very happy with my Pilates therapy at North County Water and Sports Therapy Center. Before and after my back surgery, I did not think I would ever have flexibility and strength in my left leg or lower back ever again. However, with the Pilates training, I have awakened muscles in my abdomen that I have not felt since the birth of my daughter 4 years ago.

The Pilates training has increased my ‘body awareness’ so that now I am very conscious of my body’s position and alignment and I can self-correct my position and posture in order to optimize the stability of my lower back and decrease my risk of re-injury. The Pilates therapy has definitely been an integral factor in my recovery and has directed me to a path of improved and a more productive life. Thank you Beth!

Cynthia Kaiser, RN

Four years ago I was in a severe car accident and sustained multiple injuries. Those injuries included damage to my abdomen and lower back. My balance was off and my strength in my abdomen was almost non-existent. Since beginning the Pilate’s program at North County Water and Sports Therapy Center I have seen a remarkable increase in abdominal stability and lower back strength. I am able to stand straighter and walk without pain. It has been a wonderful alternative to basic weight training. It is easier on my back and I have been much more aware of my posture. The program offers a great deal of versatility which I enjoy in working out. In short, you don’t get bored!

I feel that Pilates had made my healing process go quicker and that the results have been quite remarkable. I also feel the quality of care demonstrated at North County Water and Sports Therapy Center is to be recognized. The quality of my life has definitely been improved!”

Stephanie C Wall, age 22

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