We often take our body’s ability to move for granted until that ability is lost or becomes painful. Even small losses in mobility can eventually result in reduced muscular performance, loss of function and pain. AquaStretch™ has been a valuable tool in assisting patients recovering from injury or managing chronic pain. Athletes have benefited from AquaStretch™ as part of a fitness and performance enhancement program improving flexibility and perhaps avoiding painful conditions and the need to seek medical treatment.

Don’t be misled by the name AquaStretch™, this technique is not your traditional stretching in the water. AquaStretch™ is a myofascial release technique performed in shallow water. It combines manual therapy with patient-initiated, active, pain-free range of motion in the water. Theoretically, AquaStretch™ breaks down fascial adhesions and improves tissue mobility by combining manual pressure to a trigger point or fascial adhesion while encouraging the patient to move freely in the supported environment of the water. This technique helps to improve flexibility and reduce pain.

At North County Water & Sports Therapy Center, we utilize AquaStretch™ in two ways:

  • We use it in conjunction with our traditional aquatic exercise and land-based therapy, as clinically indicated on a patient-to-patient basis. As always, all precautions related to the particular injury or pathology are observed, and not all patients are appropriate for this treatment.
  • AquaStretch™ is offered as a wellness program for individuals and athletes who want to improve flexibility, reduce recovery time and improve performance.

AquaStretch™ Testimonial

“A couple of years ago, I irritated my SI Joint during a workout session which caused my entire left side to become chronic with tightness and pain. I tried everything: massages, medicine, and even injections. All of these treatments helped somewhat, but did not fully restore my range of motion. However, after just one Aqua Stretch Treatment, my range of motion was restored and my chronic discomfort was relieved. This unique treatment was able to get into such a difficult area and release the constriction. I am now able to endure my workouts and continue with my normal daily activities without constant pain and irritation. I truly am so surprised and thankful that this unique water therapy is available because I know that it will be the first thing that I turn to if I need help in the future.”

Ester Barbod

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