March 2019

Whether We’re Talkin’ a Bum Knee or a Messy Kitchen, It’s Always Better to Act Now

Everyone has areas of their life where they are not as diligent or prudent as they’d like to be. Some people put off working out, some wait far too long between haircuts, and others can’t help but buy that expensive gadget they know they don’t need. For me, this behavior manifests itself when it comes time to clean. I’m a woeful housekeeper, which is why I’m determined to take … CONTINUE READING

Fire and Ice

When it comes to relieving pain, everyone has an opinion. Your mom might suggest taking pills and a nap, while your neighbor swears it’s best to walk it off. Meanwhile, yearly advancements offer more options — and opinions — for patients seeking … CONTINUE READING

Tacos, Cherry Blossoms, and Races

If you’re like us, reading reports of last month’s polar vortex — which plunged temperatures to well below zero across wide swaths of the country — was a great reminder of why you live in San Diego. It’s not just about the sun, though. Our city is fortunate to be home to people from all over the world and is one of the best places … CONTINUE READING

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