May 2018

The Inspiration of Working Mothers

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I felt it was the perfect time to pay tribute to my mom, Kathy, as well as the mothers who work here at North County Water & Sports Therapy Center. I’m always so amazed at the ability of our four working moms — Ryann, Jackie, Jan, and Britani — to juggle a career and parenting without ever letting a ball hit the ground. I’m honored to work alongside these remarkable … CONTINUE READING

How Aquatic Therapy Can Help You

As you can probably tell from our name, North County Water & Sports Therapy specializes in using water as a medium for therapeutic treatment and exercise. We have an on-site pool, which we use to work with many of our patients. As summer approaches, the pool will start filling up, so we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the benefits of aquatic … CONTINUE READING

Local Events Calendar

San Diego may not get frigid, but the city still celebrates the start of summer with a packed calendar of events and activities. Here are a few of the upcoming highlights on our … CONTINUE READING

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