June 2018

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pool

With graduation season upon us and the recent release of the documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” I can’t help but think back to my graduation from UConn. Our commencement speaker was none other than Fred Rogers himself. What I remember most was the entire graduating class standing in unison and singing the iconic song that gives the documentary its name. We had … CONTINUE READING

Help Support a North County Patient

Easily the best part of our practice is all the amazing people we get to meet. Our patients do incredible things, and we love to support them when we get the chance. Dr. Shauna Schneider, a long-time pilates patient here, is definitely one such patient. This year, she and her daughter, Erin, have committed to raise their voices for the voiceless as a team hiking together … CONTINUE READING

Nonphysical Benefits of Physical Therapy

It’s not uncommon for physical therapy (PT) to focus on the strictly physiological aspects of your health; after all, the word “physical” is right there in the name. But while PT is an incredible recovery tool, it provides a number of other benefits that are often … CONTINUE READING

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