February 2019

A Journey Down the Yangtze

As somebody who loves to travel and explore new places, I'm very grateful my career has given me the opportunity to go around the world educating people on the benefits of aquatic therapy. Recently, I traveled to China to help educate some of their best and brightest physical ... CONTINUE READING

What's Stopping You?

Physical therapy can help your body harness its healing power, but without a lifestyle change, you may actually be hurting your body. Add these three tips to your PT regimen to help your body heal as well — and as ... CONTINUE READING

four 20th-Century Masterpieces

Since its founding in 1926, the San Diego Museum of Art has been one of the city's premier cultural institutions. Home to great works from all over the world and every era of art history, it's impossible to provide even a cursory overview of the collection in the space we have here. Instead, we decided to highlight four works that never fail to stop us in our ... CONTINUE READING

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