Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Healthy Travel: part Two

Part two: Managing Luggage:

Now that you have packed: carrying, pulling and lifting luggage:


Most people have luggage with wheels.   Luggage with two wheels must be tilted and then rolled. The key to avoid strain to the shoulder and arm is to keep the bag close, avoid letting the bag trail behind because this causes stress to the shoulder and leads to a twist in the lower back. When the bag is heavy there is even greater pull and stress to the shoulder and neck. The bag with 4 wheels is easier on smooth surfaces however on carpet and cobblestones you often have to tilt to two wheels to prevent repetitive tipping due to catching of a wheel.


When lifting bend your knees, keep abdominals engaged and seek help. Putting a bag in the overhead bin can be tricky, especially if you are shorter due to the need to reach further overhead. Keep carryon luggage as light as possible and use both hands to lift.


Speaking from experience, as a person who has been hit in the head with carryon luggage another person could not manage, lowering a heavy bag down can be dangerous for you and those around you so be sure to have both hands on the bag before descending from the storage compartment.


Check in next time for seat adjustments.