Are you in need of physical therapy?

Are you in need of physical therapy? Below are some FAQs to help you in the process.

Why choose North County Water and Sports Therapy Center?
We are a privately owned clinic, and our goal is to focus on individualized care. When you attend therapy here you will have one-on-one time with a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant for the entire treatment. We also incorporate aquatic therapy where appropriate to supplement a land based program. We pride ourselves on being the best, but do not take our word for it, CHECK OUT the online reviews and see first-hand how people feel about our clinic.

Will my therapist be licensed?
All the Physical Therapist at NCWSTC are licensed as Doctor’s in Physical Therapy, and we also have one licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. We do no utilize unlicensed aids or ancillary staff to treat our patients.

Will I work with the same therapist each time?
We strive to keep you with your original therapist or our one physical therapist assistant for each session. We work closely with our assistant to assure you are getting the best care each time you attend a session of therapy.

What insurances do you take?
We are contracted with most PPO plans as well as Medicare and Tricare.

Do I need to see my Doctor first before starting therapy?
As Physical Therapists in California we have Direct Access, which means you can attend therapy for 12 visits or 45 days without a prescription from your physician. Some insurance companies require that you see your Doctor and get a prescription before attending therapy, so if you are unsure, please contact the front office and we will verify your insurance and find out the next steps.

Can I choose where I go to therapy?
Some physicians will recommend physical therapy offices that they have worked with in the past, but if we are contracted with your insurance, you can choose to come to our facility.

What happens once I am done with therapy?
At the end of your formal course of therapy, you will be set up with a comprehensive home exercise program to maintain the goals you have made in therapy.

What is the most frequent injury you treat?
We see patients with all different types of injuries or pain symptoms, but most commonly we see low back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain as well as patients’ that need therapy post operation.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Call the office directly and speak with our front office staff at 858-675-1133
If you have any other questions please visit our website at or call the office at 858-675-1133. We are happy to help!