Beware of the Chair!

Sitting too much? Let’s get moving!
Whether you sit for work, sit while driving, or sit in front of the TV at night, we have a tendency to spend more time sitting in our lives and research is saying we are paying the price. According to research at the Mayo Clinic sitting has been linked to increased blood sugar, increased blood pressure, excessive body fat, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Improper and prolonged sitting can also lead to shortened or tighter muscles, muscle weakness, and poor posture. Unfortunately, exercising for the recommended 30-45 mins 3-4 times a week, although good for you, does not undo the effects of sitting for 8 hours each day at work and during your commute. So with that being said, we need to move more regularly. Here are some ideas to stay more active throughout your day.
-Stand or walk while on the phone

-Use a standing desk

-Walk at lunch: A brisk walk makes you feel better and also has been known to increase productivity

-Perform simple stretches or exercises throughout the day (suggestions below)

– Remember if you are currently experiencing pain, check with your health care provider or physical therapist before starting a new exercise program.

wall shoulder flex

1. Stand with your back against a wall, your chin tucked in, your feet slightly away from the wall, your arms forward at shoulder level and your elbows bent.
Raise your arms overhead, touching the wall with your fingers while straightening your elbows, keeping them pointing forward until you feel a gentle stretch

2. Sit with your chin tucked in, your back in neutral position and your arms hanging loosely by your sides.
Pull your shoulders backwards by squeezing your shoulder blades together.scap squeeze

3. Sit with one leg crossed, the foot resting on the thigh.
Push down lightly on the knee with your hand and bend your upper body slightly forward to feel a figure 4stretch in the buttock.

4. Sit up straight in a chair and look directly ahead of you.
Lift one arm up and above your head and slowly bend sideways while reaching down with the opposite hand, until you feel a stretch at the side of your trunk.

sb sitting

5. Sit on a chair with your back in neutral position and your chin tucked in.
Turn your upper body to one side movingtrunk rotation at the middle back.