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Kettlebell Swing breakdown

by waterpt, June 13, 2017

DSCN9154 Kettlebell Swing Here it is; a detailed breakdown of how to perform the kettlebell swing with tips to keep in mind to facilitate better technique and avoid injury. Enjoy!   Step 1 – Starting position –Start with feet a little wider than shoulder width with kettlebell on floor approximately one foot in front of […]


Kettlebell Swing

by waterpt, June 5, 2017

The Kettlebell swing: Starting with a good foundation To the weekend warrior or the general public when thinking about kettlebells the kettlebell swing usually comes to mind. The swing is not only the most well-known technique but also is the foundation for other Kettlebell exercises. When performed correctly the swing is very fluid beneficial exercise […]


We are a bunch of live wires! Human Neuroplasticity

by waterpt, May 12, 2017

We are bunch of live wires! Neuroplasticity of Human Beings! Often the human nervous system is compared to electrical wires and circuits. It was once thought that after injury or at a certain age these connections were stationary and unable to regenerate. In 2000, American neuropsychologist, Eric Kandel was awarded the Nobel prize in neuroscience for […]


The Itch That Cannot Be Scratched

by waterpt, May 8, 2017

As an outpatient orthopedic and aquatic therapy clinic, we primarily get referrals from primary care physicians and orthopedic surgeons. Imagine our surprise when we started getting regular referrals from a dermatologist. Imagine, you go to your dermatologist complaining of an itch on your arm that just will not go away. Maybe it is on your […]


The Tape Everyone Is Talking About: Kinesio Taping

by waterpt, May 2, 2017

  Kinesio Taping® Method is a modality developed in 1979 by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a chiropractor. He recognized that while his manual treatments were effective, they were usually temporary and he began looking for a treatment that his patients could utilize between treatments. He developed a tape that would support the joints of the body, […]


Doctors of Physical Therapy

by waterpt, April 25, 2017

Physical therapy as a profession has been transitioning its education from a Master’s program to a Doctoral program over the last 10 years. American Physical therapy Association’s Vision 20/20 hopes that by the year 2020 all physical therapists will have their Doctoral degree. APTA’s vision 20/20 statement is as follows: By 2020, physical therapy will […]


If you can’t run then walk!

by waterpt, April 4, 2017

If you can’t run then walk! We walk daily for regular activity and function. A regular walking program can be very helpful in improving wellness, whether it is returning from an injury or helping with chronic pain. There are numerous reasons why it is beneficial to establish a walking program. On average, an individual may […]


Are you in need of physical therapy?

by waterpt, March 27, 2017

Are you in need of physical therapy? Below are some FAQs to help you in the process. Why choose North County Water and Sports Therapy Center? We are a privately owned clinic, and our goal is to focus on individualized care. When you attend therapy here you will have one-on-one time with a physical therapist […]


“Prehabiliation”- The Next Big Thing

by waterpt, February 22, 2017

“Prehabiliation”- The Next Big Thing Millions of people are receiving joint replacement surgeries each year, most typically for hip and knee joints. People enter into this surgery with increased joint pain, increased swelling, reduced endurance and reduced muscular strength. Returning to full function quickly after surgery is everyone’s goal, and “prehabilitation” or physical therapy prior […]


“Kettlebell Krazy”

by waterpt, February 9, 2017

“KB Krazy” Maybe you have seen them at your local gym or in a group exercise video, kettlebells have become one of the trendiest pieces of exercise equipment in fitness and wellness communities to date. The kettlebell is a versatile portal piece of exercise equipment that can challenge ones strength, endurance and balance all in […]