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Welcome to North County Water & Sports Therapy Center for Physical Therapy in Carmel Mountain Ranch and the San Diego North County Area

North County Water & Sports Therapy Center specializes in orthopedic, sports, and aquatic physical therapy. As musculoskeletal experts, our therapists have advanced training in evaluating and treating a variety of injuries involving the spine, shoulder, lower extremity and post-surgical conditions. As a physical therapist owned clinic our focus is on the individual. We provide one-on-one physical therapy sessions incorporating education, manual therapy and exercise in order to help our patients achieve their goals.

Our philosophy is that rehabilitation and wellness are combined, helping individuals overcome musculoskeletal injury with a commitment to improving their overall health and fitness.

We feel quality healthcare is possible and when it comes to your health you should have the best treatment, performed by the most competent & professional clinicians possible. Our team integrates evidence based research with years of experience and hands on clinical practice to get you moving forward and back to everyday life as quickly as possible.
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