Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell swing: Starting with a good foundation

To the weekend warrior or the general public when thinking about kettlebells the kettlebell swing usually comes to mind. The swing is not only the most well-known technique but also is the foundation for other Kettlebell exercises. When performed correctly the swing is very fluid beneficial exercise that will strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, quads and core muscles. The swing is a great exercise for building explosive power for sports, burning calories and improving cardiovascular endurance. Before jumping right in and swinging a 50lb kettlebell at your local gym or if you are returning to kettlebell lifting it is helpful to practice a few techniques that will prepare the body for the rigors of swinging heavy iron. The following exercises are great prerequisites before attempting or returning to the kettlebell swing. If you have significant difficulty or there is pain performing the following exercises then you need more time developing leg strength and flexibility before beginning the kettlebell swing.

Straight leg bridge feet on Physio Ball – this is a core and hip extension exercise which simulates a similar movement as the Kettlebell swing focusing on stabilization and control. Perform exercise 15 times


Push up Front plank – strengthens the core muscles to help maintain the neutral spine during the swing and helps build core endurance for high repetitions of the swing. Also simulates a similar position as the top of a swing. Hold position for 30 seconds.







Romanian Deadlift with Dowel Rod – this exercise helps practice hinging your hips with minimal knee bend while maintaining a neutral spine position which are both needed for a swing. Perform exercise 15 times.