Staying Up to Date

Staying Up To Date
As with all fields there are constant advancements and changes to equipment to help us implement rehabilitation programs, and test patients for return to full function whether it be for sport or daily life. We have recently obtained new devices and equipment to make our rehabilitation programs more fun and dynamic for patients.

Core Stix® is a unique Upright Training™ system that allows core muscular challenge while performing strength and functional exercises. There are endless combinations and options for exercise routines, and it is useful with patients of all ages from children to older adults. Core Stix® is also adaptable for all levels of fitness. The platform makes it possible to accommodate a patient in a wheelchair, or be used in conjunction with a physioball or a chair if standing is restricted or painful.

cs jana 1 core stix jana 2  cs 3 cs 4  

The Y Balance Test is an easy and well researched way for us to test functional symmetry of our patients and motor control of lower and upper body. It is a good tool to help us gage an athletes readiness for return to sport as well as a way to challenge patients balance when incorporated into a fitness program.



y balance 2 y balance 1


Although the Rebounder is not a new rehabilitation tool, our new version is the most up to date and new to us! The Rebounder is versatile in that we can use it as a regular trampoline, on an incline for sport specific exercise, or for throwing for upper body strength, trunk control, and balance. These are just a few ideas of how we can use the Rebounder to aid in a rehabilitation program. It is now quieter, more durable and more portable than it use to be, so come check it out!

rebounder 4 rebounder 3 rebouonder blog 2 rebounder blog 1

The Bodyblade® is not a new device but new to our clinic! The Bodyblade is used to perform stabilization exercises for the shoulder as well as address the deep stabilizers of the spine. It can be used for sport specific training and to help improve function overall. With this tool the harder you work the harder the bodyblade makes the activity.

body blade

At North County Water and Sports Therapy Center we strive to create the most efficient and effective treatment program for your individual problem. These new clinic tools only help to enhance that goal. So come find out what our new tools can do for you!!