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March Madness Bracket

Cinderella Wears Basketball Shorts

I did my undergraduate study at the University of Connecticut. During that time, the school was emerging from a period of relative mediocrity to become a national powerhouse. Since that time, the men's basketball team has won four NCAA championships and the women's team has won 11. I feel a little spoiled. It's a bit like having seen a band when they were touring small clubs, only to find out they're ... CONTINUE READING

Senior Man Exercising

Gray Matters

Everyone faces the prospect of growing older. When it comes to aging, people's primary concerns include aches, pains, and changes to their physical appearance. But perhaps even more important is mental health. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your mind sharp as you age so you can enjoy your ... CONTINUE READING


San Diego Springs Into Life

Even though we don't have anything resembling winter in San Diego, the arrival of spring still manages to feel refreshing. Take advantage of the rising temperatures by attending some of these ... CONTINUE READING

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