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Education Never Ends

When I was in college, a professor shared some valuable wisdom with me. He said, "When you think about everything you learn today, remember that half of it will be obsolete in five years." His point wasn't that our efforts were futile, but rather that physical therapy is always evolving. To a lot of people, that information might be frustrating or intimidating. To me, it is energizing. One of my ... CONTINUE READING


Spotlight on Jordan Levine

For Dr. Jordan Levine, the path toward becoming a physical therapist began when he was in high school. "I was 15 years old when I dislocated my shoulder playing baseball," Jordan says. "I had to go through physical therapy. It was because of that I ... CONTINUE READING


Why Your Heel Aches Every Morning

Most people take their two feet for granted, assuming they'll remain resilient and pain-free forever — that is, until an injury strikes. That's when we realize just how much we depend on ... CONTINUE READING

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